Sunday, October 4, 2009

Two days

It has been two days now and the reality is sinking in. There will be no Olympics in Chicago in 2016 or probably anywhere close down the road. This was the only chance we had and now it's just a memory of a lot of people, lots of police and a lot of noise for something that wasn't meant to be.

This was supposed to be the worst day of my life. I waited over a year to see if we would get it. But now I'm moving to a new city with a new job, and starting my life over. A month ago, I didn't know that I needed to start over but now nothing has been clearer.

What should have been a very depressed weekend turned into one with a smile at every corner and a hopeful outlook onto the future of other cities hosting the games that I love to watch.

This is not an Olympic blog but will definitely highlight the Olympics as they appear. It will mostly be a blog about moving back to a time that was simpler in the suburbs from the city, and living a life that is a little more conducive to that elusive fairy tale that I have always searched for and never quite found.