Saturday, May 30, 2015

One more day to go...

The day is almost here, I'll be leaving for St. Croix in less than 48 hours. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm nervous and honestly, I'm not, I'm ready to go although I will really miss everyone. I have been planning this little adventure for five months now and I can't wait to get there. Yesterday was my official last day of work and I am relieved. This is the first time in a very long time that I don't have to check email or worry about things months down the road. When I was really young, we didn't have computers or smartphones or even regular cell phones and I am ready to relive some of those times.

My goal right now is to have short-term goals. I have lived my whole life with long-term goals at work and personally, and I have achieved a lot of those goals, but now it's time to focus on short-term goals. Here are some that I would like to achieve soon:

1. See the stars
2. Spend a whole day not looking at my phone screen
3. Eat local organically grown fruit and veggies

My more practical short-term goals are:

1. Make my 25 minute connection in San Juan
2. Be able to lift my carry on bag into the overhead compartment
3. Find a car to buy before I have to give back my rental

Perhaps one of these goals should be to stop planning so much and to let life happen and to experience it while it does. I will work on this as well.

My next blog entry will be from St. Croix and until then, Go Hawks!!!