Sunday, October 18, 2015

Dating in St. Croix...

I thought about just leaving this blank because I think many people think that's what dating on this island is like. I've actually had many people who live here tell me that they think dating on this island would be difficult. Most of these people are married or in relationships and I do think it may be difficult to meet someone when you're out with your significant other, although there are people who live here who have also mastered that feat but that's a different blog post. The island does have a good amount of single people, both locals and those who have moved from the mainland, to make dating a reality for most people here. I'm not sure about the exact men to woman ratio here, but it seems that there is a fairly even ratio, with probably slightly more women than men who live on island.

People here are extremely open with their claims of affection. And unlike cat calling back in the states, guys here genuinely mean what they say to you, even if their intentions are somewhat inappropriate at times.  There are also many outdoor functions where I have met people who have asked for my number. Sometimes being single makes it easier to meet many different people, not just potential dates.  Once you do meet someone you want to date, just remember that this is a small island and most people will probably know who you're dating within a 24 hour period!

Even harder than realizing that your business is the also the business of roughly half the population of St. Croix, is saying no to a date. There is a cardinal rule in the Virgin Islands that once you meet someone, you will see them everywhere and this is so true. So if you say no to a person who asks you out, you pretty much have to avoid every location at which you ever saw this person in the past. If you do say yes and go on the date and choose to not to go on any more dates at some point, there is an awkwardness that will ensue forever going forward as you will see that person at the most awkward times and locations. The good news about that is that most people here are very chill so usually everyone stays pretty friendly and civil regardless of the situation.

If you do decide to go another date with person you meet, the island provides for a little bit of a different dating experience than stateside. Most activities are outside and many involve beach activities so it's easy to let loose and get really comfortable quickly. And once you do find someone that you actually want to continue seeing, island life becomes much more fun!

Activity Review:

St. Croix Kayak in the Bioluminescent Bay...

St. Croix has a bioluminescent bay that is pretty magical. It is located at Salt River National Park and combined with the clear kayaks provided by St. Croix Kayak, it's definitely an experience that everyone who either lives here or is visiting should have. The bay lights up underneath you as you kayak. When you put your hands in the water, the water becomes fairy dust that lights up underneath your fingertips that allows you to make hundreds of wishes. And as long as kids aren't afraid of the dark, this would be a very fun child activity as well.

I had never kayaked before in my life and I made it there and back without many issues with a friend as the kayaks are 2-person kayaks. There are a lot of laughs that accompany this tour as well, especially if you have no idea how to synch the rowing of the kayak with your partner. The cost with St. Croix Kayak is $50 a person, they only do tours on non-full moon nights and the tour lasts roughly 2 hours. St. Croix Kayak can be reached at

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Community living in paradise

As I write this from the swimming pool of my apartment, I think I've reached the beach bum vision I had in mind when I came here. Even thought beach bumming these days only really occurs after 3 or 4 or 5 pm on weekdays and on weekends, it still comprises a majority of my time. And since I came to St. Croix on vacation first, any time I drive on the same roads that I first encountered back in March, it still feels like I'm on vacation. So my advice to all future beach bums... go on vacation first and then make it your home!

I've talked a lot about how St. Croix has a very strong sense of community and how most people here are very warm and welcoming and that's still very true. About two weeks ago, the Synagogue on the island opened up for high holidays. The Rabbi flew in for services and I decided to do something that I probably would have never done stateside; I went to services. I'm not very religious and part of this is due to the fact that it's very intimidating to go to services when you've never been. Something about the community here made it very easy. I was welcomed without hesitation and the amazing Rabbi and all the members of the Synagogue here made me feel like I've been here forever and like I was absolutely no different than anyone else.

I really enjoyed my experience as Judaism has more of a cultural meaning to me than religious, and this experience really put this into perspective as I celebrated the new year and the high holidays with other members. I feel a lot more connected now to my culture and to St. Croix because it has allowed me to have this opportunity that I truly could not have anywhere else. In addition to the regular services, we went hiking and turtle watching. I have to admit that since our hiking journey which was a little longer, hotter and steeper than I expected, I have taken a hiking hiatus, but I will definitely be going to services again when our other wonderful resident Rabbi (whom I met back in March) comes on island for the season in November.

Over the last few months, more than when I first got here, I have been trying to figure out if I made the right decision with my move. As I make new friends everyday and learn to enjoy the moment of each day for what it actually is, I think the answer is that this was the perfect experience for me to have at this point of my life. I can't imagine my life without meeting the people that I have met recently and experiencing the events that I've been fortunate enough to experience.

I often read other blogs of attorneys who have left the profession and there is generally a very similar theme. We felt trapped in our old lives because we couldn't figure out a way to remain in our professions and still have some quality of life that allows us to have lives outside of our careers. I can sense the disappointment in many people that I talk to when I tell them that I'm not an attorney here, and I can tell that they have hope that I change my mind soon. In reality, at least from my experience, I felt trapped in a box that was my career choice. Now, I'm free to do whatever I want in my life, and I am free to figure out how to have a higher quality of life without the confines of that box that I was so used to over the last 8 years. I think that at this point of my journey to a better quality of life, I'm succeeding. It's not for everyone, but right now it's exactly what I need.

And now back to my swim and to some Sunday night TV later on...because we do watch television, even in paradise :)

Restaurant Review:

Villa Morales...

One of my friends has been talking about Villa Morales ever since I met her on St. Croix. Finally, we had a chance to go together to Villa Morales last week. It is probably one of the best local cuisine restaurants here.  They have everything from conch to Johnny cakes to lobster and Fungi.  I had the salmon balls (my first on island) and they were great. It was not what I was expecting at all but all the food that we tasted was very good.

It is in Fredriksted and they are only open Thursday to Saturday, but it's definitely worth the drive and the schedule planning. Their menu and schedule can be found here: