Sunday, April 10, 2016

My perfect island Sunday...

Sunday is one of my favorite days. The weather is usually perfect and there's nothing to do all day but to relax. And you'd think we'd be at the beach all the time but we haven't gone in weeks, and being at the beach today and smelling the salt in the air was so relaxing and perfect. We are so lucky to be here and to to be able to do all these things that most people have to go on vacation to experience, but life and work are a reality when you live in paradise so sometimes things just get busy. Even if you're not working 40 traditional hour work weeks or traveling an hour to and from work, somehow things get busy and the beach and other island outings seem like something that can be done anytime and thus, not very often.

But I remember why I moved here and it wasn't necessarily because I loved the beach. I wanted to have less stress and I wanted to relax more. But there is something about the saltwater and the sand and just sitting  and smelling the beach air that is very relaxing. I can come home and eat twinkies on the couch while watching Dateline on TV any day but that isn't necessarily the same relaxation that I moved here to experience. I can have that type of relaxation anywhere. I moved here to take pictures of pretty ocean water and to to be able to take in the outdoors and to share my outdoor space with chickens and all kinds of animals. I moved here to talk to people on the street who know who I am. And most of all, I moved here to have a better quality of life on a daily basis than I had before.

The people I met here have given me the ability to have a better quality of life. My life is better every day and I still have to do my part by going out and experiencing everything that this island has to offer. So I am going to be make it my goal to go to the beach more often, to talk to more people on the street and I will be more patient as I embrace "island time." There are so many people that wish that they could have this type of life that I can't waste it by trying to rush through it.

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  1. Oh what I would give to get ride of the Sunday night blues because Monday has so quickly snuck up on me! You make island life sound more and more inviting all the time. (Even with the bugs and minimalistic lifestyles!) noisy what I need in the next season of my life!